To Hashtag Or Not To Hashtag: That Is The Question

First, let’s start by trying to understand what a hashtag is. This symbol, #, which used to be simply known as the pound sign, has become a popular addition to social media posts. Think of a hashtag as, well, a tag.
It’s a way to join the conversation about a popular topic. Let’s use the Super Bowl as an example. If you’re on social media tweeting about the awesome commercials, you could include #superbowl at any point during your tweet. Your tweet would then join the list of other tweets that also mention #superbowl. Anyone who clicks on that hashtag is brought to list of those tweets. Some hashtags are going to be more popular than others.
Hashtags are great for keeping up with topics that matter to you. You can also use hashtags at events. Conferences frequently adopt a hashtag unique to them and ask everyone who is talking about the conference to use that hashtags.
For example, if we help a conference on Hashtag Help, we could tell everyone to use #hashtaghelp2015 in all of their posts. That way, everyone can see what other users are saying at the conference.
Clear as mud?
So what does that a hashtag have to do with internet marketing? A lot actually. Say you’re someone who loves monograms. You might search “monograms” on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter to see the latest information about monograms.
So Susie is searching for monograms and comes across your post about that says: \”We love this sterling silver filigree necklace! #monogram.\” and includes a photo of the product.
She clicks on your post and finds out that you sell everything monogrammed. She then buys a monogram necklace from you. Win win!
Hashtags are great ways to get more attention to your post, but let’s control ourselves. We don’t want to use a #every other #word because #that gets #annoying.
We also don’t need to hashtag every time. Maintaining a genuine presence on social media is important for brand loyalty. It will become obvious over time that you’re just trying to get attention using your hashtags. And no one likes an attention hog. A thoughtful hashtag here and there is definitely recommended. Just be sure you aren’t guilty of #excessivehashtagging.

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