How to Use Discovery Meetings for Content Ideas

Discovery meetings are not just for getting to know a client or starting a new project. These meetings can also be a cornucopia of content ideas.

First off, if you are unfamiliar with what I mean by discovery meeting, read the first section of this blog on Marketing Profs.

In a discovery meeting, you should take the time to talk about the business’ sales, goals, products or services, philosophy and any philanthropic efforts. Consumers today care more about the Why of a company than the What. They want to know that their purchase is meaningful and not just another coin entering the piggy bank.

Why should customers buy this company’s products or use their services? (Philosophy)

What does the company do to give back to their community? (Philanthropy)

How does the company’s products or services impact the community, the industry, and the world? Ask what the bigger picture is and draw those connections through articles, info-graphics and video stories.

Another way to generate content ideas, whether it’s for social media or for blog and graphic content is to ask not only what questions customers most frequently ask, but to think about and ask what questions you would have if you were a customer. These questions are essentially ready-made content topics and often make the most engaging and shareable content that drives customer loyalty and interaction. Some examples are below:

  • What are the most common complaint customers have?
  • What are the issues customers complain about most?
  • What do customers like and praise about your company, product or service?
  • What do customers ask for the most? (New product updates, special discounts, etc.)

Discovery meetings are a great opportunity to develop a starting list of content ideas, so take the time to ensure at least 30 minutes is dedicated to a conversation that is focused on philosophy, philanthropy and the company’s customer base.

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