7 Qualities of a Good Marketing Hire

When building your marketing team, there is nothing more important than hiring someone who not only is good at what they do, but who is also going to mesh well with both the rest of your team and your clients.

Here are 7 qualities a good marketing hire will have!

  1. Innovative Mindset—No matter the position you’re hiring for, a marketing needs to be innovative or at least open to innovation. Marketing is an always changing landscape, and to be successful, a marketer that’s good will be open to learning new tools, trying new strategies and will always be eager to learn more about everything he or she does.
  2. Exceptional Time Management—Marketing is a fast-paced environment and when you have multiple clients and multiple responsibilities, being able to manage your time is essential! A good hire will have proven time management skills and be able to accomplish his or her tasks on time and with little-to-no supervision.
  1. Proven Multi-Tasker—Unless you’re hiring for a corporate marketing position, more than likely a marketer will handle a set of various clients. Each client will be unique in regards to its needs, brand, strategy, budget, etc. A good marketer needs to be able to juggle each client without letting the quality of the work slip in the process. Being able to multi-task is imperative!
  1. Detail Oriented—Whether it’s reading a press release 50 times, making 20 revisions on a website or simply paying attention to the colors and logo specs for a client’s brochure, a good marketing hire is detail oriented. It doesn’t matter the job responsibilities or position title, details are crucial to any marketing campaign—online or in print—and they can make or break a client’s eventual success.
  2. Open and Friendly Personality—This is key for both how the hire interacts with your team and how he or she interacts with current and potential clients. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer or Sad Susan, so make sure you have time to see how the person interacts with you and with clients before making a final decision. Trial periods are helpful to accomplishing this goal.
  1. Strong Conversational Skills—In marketing, we are constantly interacting with clients and each other. Your new team member should be able to converse with ease, regardless of whether it’s on the phone, in person or via email. All conversation and correspondence should be effortless and professional.
  1. Quality Grammar and Writing Skills—This goes for all employees you hire to your marketing team, except for content marketing specialists who should have EXCEPTIONAL grammar and writing skills. Writing and proper grammar are key skills every professional adult should have, so if you get a resume with a couple grammar errors, or worse, spelling errors, toss it out. They obviously don’t care enough to take the time to proofread, which means, that to them, your time is meaningless.

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