How Your Positive Attitude Can Change Office Productivity 

Being positive can mean the difference between success and failure. While it may not seem more important than having high quality projects, a positive attitude is incremental to a successful business and client-company relationship. It’s far better to have an employee with a positive attitude and good skills than an employee with great skills and a negative outlook on life. Why? Because skills can be taught and improved. Attitude is inherited and can only be changed by that person of his or her own choice.

Here are some benefits to having a positive attitude in the office:

  • Creates a positive work environment.
  • Spreads happiness among coworkers.
  • Empowers you and your surrounding employees.
  • Imbues everyone with a positive and happy outlook on life and the day.
  • Improves overall productivity and quality of work produced.

Tips for having a positive office attitude:

  1. Use positive and empowering language with supervisors, coworkers and clients.
  2. Avoid starting or engaging in gossip, both outside and inside the office.
  3. Give compliments not criticism (personal not related to work where constructive criticism is essential to learning and growth).
  4. Offer kind words and acknowledge successes when working in a team environment.
  5. Joke, don’t complain. Sometimes everyone has a bad day and needs to vent, but instead of doing it first thing that morning; take 10 minutes after work or during lunch to let it out with a friend. Other ways to cope with a bad day include going for a walk or writing in a journal.

Have other tips for helping improve positivity in your office? Share them here in the comments below!

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