5 Tips to Motivate Employees

A happy team is a productive team, and motivated employees are more likely to produce exceptional results than unmotivated employees. Here are five tips to help boost employee morale for great project results!

  1. Acknowledge Accomplishments—When an employee lands a new account, accomplishes a personal or professional goal, earns an award or just goes above and beyond on a project, celebrate it! Find a fun, creative way to acknowledge little and big successes, whether it’s a small gift left on the employee’s desk or an office lunch day where you buy the office pizza.
  1. Have Out of Office Days—Sometimes the office can be restricting to creativity. Declare a few out-of-office days where employees can choose to work from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere else they feel stimulates the creative juices. Getting away from the same place and view can really help open employees up to new ideas, induce positive emotions and help employees to feel happy, relaxed and satisfied.
  1. Offer Competitive Benefits outside compensation packages—Don’t limit benefits to what’s in an employee’s benefits package or employment contract. Think about rewarding employees in small ways for things outside of their work requirements. For example, you could reward employees for carpooling X days out of each month by adding $10 to their paycheck or, once they have accumulated a certain amount of carpooling days, offer an extra day of PTO.
  1. Host Inter-Office Competitions—If you’re a large company, chances are you have different employees who work together in a team like structure. Sales teams are often organized by states or regions and marketing teams within large agencies are often organized in teams that include a content marketer, a digital marketer, a designer and so forth. Consider hosting inter-office competitions with your teams by allowing each team to create their own name and theme and then create competitive goals for each team to try to accomplish. The team to win each contest could win extra days off, a pizza lunch, or something else that’s fun! This is an easy, creative way to reward employees and help improve productivity.
  1. Give Back Together—Get together outside the office to help build better employee relationships and morale by giving back to your local community. You could volunteer to help pick up litter along a roadside nearby, host a fundraising walk or food drive or even get together once a month to help at a local animal shelter. Find a cause you all can be passionate about and give back together!

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