Marketing Resolutions for 2016: Part 2

And we\’re back! To finish our list of the best tips, facts, and resolutions for 2016.

7. Track your success and failure

Track data using Analytics and other data tools so that you can see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to lean on the old-school survey either as this will never go out of date and often provides the most precise or micro-level results you really want to use.

8. Automate everything you can!

Quit wasting time posting content real-time. In today’s world, you can automate almost everything (except Instagram and Pinterest), but for everything else, you can schedule it in advance. Doing this will save you time and money that can be better spent tracking, analyzing and planning the next step.

9. Video is in

Even though Facebook has become extremely dominant in video, YouTube is not to be overlooked. Consider turning old content into video for a fresh new feel that will engage not only your current target audience but possibly also the potential audience you are hoping to reach later on.

10. Invest in creative designers 


Whoever said design is easy is a liar and or has no idea what design entails. Under no circumstances should design be underestimated, ignored, or forgotten. Whether it’s a new logo or a simple info graphic for social media use, invest in someone who is dedicated to design and creative. The results are professional, engaging, unique and well worth the money. This can help with your micro-moments, videos, and web design.

11. Self-Educate

Marketing didn’t stop once you graduated or got promoted from Assistant Account Executive to Senior Account Executive. You need to be reading and learning every day, whether it’s for 30 minutes or 4 hours. Take the time to keep up with notable influencers on LinkedIn and Twitter, read articles from marketing publications, teach yourself with tutorials from Think Google and more. Essentially, learn something new every day.

12. Listen to your inferiors

You hired that person for a reason right? Ok, well even though they may be less experienced than you in a given job, chances are the younger marketing generations come equipped with more real-world knowledge of how the consumers are thinking online today—because in truth they ARE the consumers! Get inside their mindset and be open to thinks that may stretch your brand a bit such as humor, memes, GIFS, etc.

13. Take advantage of pop culture

Cultural trends are a gift from the marketing gods up high! Whether it’s an accidental # for Twitter, a thematic picture or something that seems silly, take advantage of it. For example, Red Bull took advantage of the XBOX vs. PS4 debate to help market it’s products by segregating its customers. It sounds counterproductive, but giving its audience a challenge, a chance to voice their opinion and using a popular pop-culture element, worked! Check it out right here!

 14. Step outside your comfort zone

2016 needs to be the year you take chances! Push your boundaries by trying something brand new, maybe something your audience wouldn’t have previously thought to associate with your brand. Want a successful example? About President Barack Obama sitting down with comedian Zach Galifianakis on Funny or Die’s “Between Two Ferns” to help promote the Affordable Health Care Act? Watch it here and you’ll quickly understand why this out-of-the-box plug worked, garnering a 40% increase in traffic to

15. Follow these “10 Commandments to Create Compelling Content”

We can’t take credit for these, but props to Patrick Burke for providing this mini-bible for our content marketing team. All we can say is click here and enjoy the experience!
There are tons more tips we could add, but we think it’s better to let you do it so share your tips, facts and resolutions for 2016 in the comments!

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