Marketing Resolutions For 2016: Part 1

2015 has come and gone. But it’s important we always be evolving in 2016. Here are the first 6 tips, facts and resolutions in our two part series, to keep in mind as you forge ahead in 2016.

 1. Mobile > Desktop 

The consumer-buying psyche is changing, and according to Google, “82% of smartphone users are turning to their phones to influence a purchase decision while in a store.” Smart Insights found that mobile users surpassed desktop users earlier this year and are continuing to climb as we rounded out 2015 and move forward in 2016.

 2. Increase you mobile marketing spend 

It’s expected that in 2016, an estimated 2 billion consumers worldwide will own a smartphone.  That means mobile is your best shot at connecting with customers early on. This also leads us to (3).

3. Design for mobile specifically

Responsive design is OUT for mobile sites. Why? Consumers use their smartphones to obtain information quickly and efficiently, whether it results in an immediate purchase or not. Instead of dealing with the hassle of a responsive design website that requires constant clicking and zooming, mobile sites should be optimized for customer efficiency and simplicity.

4. Market to Moments

Traditional campaigns built to hit home with a given audience with a specific collection of interests are being shown the door as “micro-moment marketing” enters the stage. Google released its “Moments” video earlier this year to show that on mobile, we have to catch consumers with their moments, not just the keywords. For example, instead of marketing campaigns being built on a product to target Audience A (ages 18-30, likes hunting, fishing, and outdoors), the campaigns are built on moments such as “ Show-Me-How” moments, “Is-It-Worth-It” moments and more. Consumers will still use keywords that enabled us to build content, but instead of just answering a consumer’s need for a product or service, we have to answer why or what feeling is making them search for that product/service in the first place.

5. Accuracy, Efficiency, Speed

Consumers are not the Baby Boomer generation, and the Baby Boomers are not our Seniors or the G.I. Generation. Baby Boomers are more impatient than their predecessors, and Generation Z  is even less patient. The consumer attitude is We Want It NOW, We Want it RIGHT. There is no room for error because consumers today won’t forgive you as easily as in the past, so marketing campaigns should be built strategically and simplistically.

6. Connect every step of the way

We are done with the laissez-faire attitude of shopping, in fact as digital marketers; we’ve been done with for a long time. Make sure that you’re not just marketing for sales but for relationships. Connect with consumers somehow at each stage of the buying process. But beware to not overwhelm them.

Stay tuned next week when we share out 7 other tips for keeping up in 2016!

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