Beginners Guide: Start and Implement an Instagram Account

Instagram is an up and coming social media tool that many brands have already taken advantage of by either having their own account or utilizing other Instagram user’s accounts to help promote their message and products. Some, like Adidas, do both and utilize their own account while also powering their message to more people through other users’ accounts, which they have recently promoted on their “Hear to Create” commercials.

See this “Here to Create” example, Robin Arzon:

Instagram also offers you a ton of advantages such as an easy-to-use digital platform, over 300 million monthly active users, a global reach, advertising options and it’s already made for today’s mobile marketing world. But if you’re behind the curve, here are some tips to get started and implement a strategy.

Getting Started:

  1. Signup for Instagram either online or on your mobile phone
  2. Create a user name that is representative of your brand
  3. Use your brand logo as you profile picture and include a shorter version of your full company bio
  4. Fill out all Profile sections fully, and be sure your website is mobile friendly before adding the URL
  5. Start posting

Instagram Strategy

  1. Make sure all images are branded with your logo in some way or form. This doesn’t mean a watermark or logo in the bottom corner, but it can be as simple as making sure the product you are featuring in the image has the logo present.
  2. Determine when your audience is on Instagram and post then
  3. Try not to post more than 1-2x a day so you don’t lose engagement with your audience
  4. Use powerful, emotional images with strong, professional photography and design work
  5. Mix the content type up (product, in-office, at event, featured customer, etc.)

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