6 Tips for Social Media at Events: Part 2

We all know that if you can\’t go back in your feed to find that picture of Bill Murray and you on New Years last year, it never happened. Right? Right. So let\’s wrap up our two part series with 3 more tips to help you maximize your social presence while at an event.

4. Tagging-Pay attention to who you’re talking about or who’s taking in general! If you’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, be sure you are always tagging individuals or brands that are represented in your posts. This will not only extend your reach publically, but it will encourage greater engagement and interaction from your followers, your guests and their own followers.

5. Check It Twice!-Today’s world of marketing and social media is fast paced, and if you don’t get it out first, the belief is someone else will beat you to it. That being said, there is a truly undervalued notion that needs to be remembered when doing social at company events-SLOW DOWN! Some social media channels don’t let you edit posts, and some do, though if you’ve boosted them for any reason, there goes your editing rights. In short, take the time to check your quotes, your facts, spelling and grammar before pushing out any social media post. Once it’s there, you typically can’t change or take it back. And if you do make a mistake and leave it, you risk losing valuable engagement data when you remove it. In short, take your time, and again, quality over quantity.

6. Consider Something New—Just because you haven’t tried it before doesn’t mean it won’t work. Consider trying to use new apps or app ad-ons that might enhance your social media at events. Consider using video apps that can fast forward sections of your events or live video a speaker if allowed. Hold polls on Twitter during engaging speaking or learning sessions or consider SnapChat for the event even. In short, take some risks! They might pay off!


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