Why Your Website Might Be Hurting Your Business

Is It Time to Rethink Your Business\’s Website, Online Marketing Strategy?

Now, more than ever, for a business to succeed, it must have an effective website and online marketing strategy.  With the rise of smartphones, we\’ve continued to move in an online-focused direction.  Whether your business is a French bistro or online store selling coffee mugs, it\’s essential to have a user-friendly website that\’s not only effective but also accessible.  The problem is no longer businesses lacking a website but rather, businesses lacking a good website.  Your business\’s website and online marketing strategy might actually be hurting business.  Here\’s how.

Bad Websites Affect Credibility

In early 2017, researchers found that an astounding 75% of consumers base a business\’s credibility on their website.  A single lead, sale, or customer could be lost if a business\’s website is unable to establish credibility.

The question that this statistic likely raises for business owners is, \”What\’s a bad website?\”  A bad website is any website that isn\’t effective in either attracting customers or keeping customers.  Bad websites are usually poorly designed, aren\’t coded properly, have missing links, and lack the proper information.  If a business\’s website doesn\’t feature an attractive and user-friendly design, visitors will typically click away quickly causing that business to loose a potential customer or sale.  Additionally, failing to include consistent information and details about your business makes visitors question the credibility and makes it difficult for visitors to reach you.

Insite Advice has worked with numerous clients to overhaul or build their business and organization\’s website.  The results have been overwhelming.  Well built, modern, and concise websites generate traffic, leads, and sales.

See A Few of Our Client\’s Optimized Sites


Missing A Clear \”Call to Action\”

Call to action refers to what a business wants visitors to do after visiting their website.  A call to action is what a business owner is hoping to accomplish through a marketing medium.  Common goals include generating phone calls, email list sign-ups, or social media interaction.  The call to action on a business\’s site, online ads, or social media platforms is why a business creates a website and spends money or time on creating an online marketing campaign.

Imagine a potential customer stumbles upon a business\’s website but is forced to read through paragraph after paragraph of unessential information.  Though the call to action might be embedded in the text, time is limited, website visitors do not want to have to hunt for the call to action.  Failing to create a clear and concise call to action will repel potential clients from a business\’s website.  No matter how pretty and sleek a business\’s website might be, an unclear call to action will result in failing to generate leads and sales.

Insite Advice, after working with a variety of clients, has noticed that one of the most potent changes that can be made to a client\’s online marketing strategy is creating clear and definitive call to actions.  Whether it\’s creating well-written content on a client\’s website or getting users on a client\’s Facebook page to click through to their website, Insite Advice\’s internet marketing and social media team have developed effective and simple strategies.

Failing to Go Mobile

Whether or not you like it, we\’re still trending towards a mobile-dominated climate.  Thanks to millennials, mobile technology from smartphones to iPads have dominated the tech world.  Millennials overwhelmingly choose mobile platforms over traditional platforms like desktop computers.  This has presented issues for many websites.

Even the newest and most modern-looking websites are impacted by the trend towards mobile platforms.  Any website, whether it\’s a multi-national corporation or local mom and pop shop, need to optimize their website for mobile.  Optimization for mobile platforms allows visitors from smartphones and tablets to use a website like they were using the largest and most advanced desktop computer.  Mobile optimization ensures all features and design elements work on smartphones and tablets.  Since so much of a website\’s traffic is from mobile devices today, failing to go mobile will result in decreased traffic, leads, sales, and credibility.

Insite Advice recognizes that all websites must be optimized for mobile use.  Our web designers and programmers are actively looking for ways to continue to optimize our client\’s sites.  Our programmers work with the latest programs and mobile platforms to ensure that our clients can succeed in the mobile dominated climate.


Poor SEO

SEO, aka search engine optimization, is at the foundation of any effective online marketing strategy.  SEO is exactly what it sounds like.  SEO allows websites to appear higher on search engine result pages (SERPs) like Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  Proper SEO strategy also allows a business to appear in the search results for the correct keywords.  SEO is by far the most crucial aspect of internet marketing.

Insite Advice was founded on SEO and improving our client\’s organic traffic.  Our internet marketing team are professionals when it comes to online ads but specialize in generating organic search traffic to our client\’s sites.  Using the latest SEO techniques and technology, Insite Advice continues to get its clients at the top of search engine result pages.

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Insite Advice is a certified Google Partner with outstanding reviews from current and past clients.  Our team of experienced internet marketers, social media managers, web designers, and programmers are ready to work with you today to develop an effective and affordable online marketing strategy.

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