Make Technical Talk Friendly & Digestible

Being in this business (Website Design, Development, Internet Marketing, Social Media Campaign and Conversion Optimization to name a few of the things we do!) you have to be able to relate to several different industries (B2B, B2C, eCommerce), different markets, business models, and fields. Sometimes all at the same time and it can get confusing to be an expert at them all. Being able to market to a target audience in monogrammed onesies, build an automated marketing campaign on buying and selling foreclosed houses, and an engaging social media calendar revolving around conversions though Pinterest ads is let\’s face-a lot to be able to digest, package, and produce.

Having content and campaigns that are easy to digest, free of insider jargon (can I get the turnaround on those KPIs for the paradigm shift for next quarters ROI?), and actually useful (and fun!) is a must in this digital age. So we\’ve put this handy dandy infographic together of what we consider the 6 Best Tips on how to content user-friendly.



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