Holiday Marketing Tips

As Thanksgiving and the holidays approach, we thought it appropriate to share with you some of our own holiday marketing tips.

From the SEO/Content Ladies…

As SEO content strategists, we know that the holidays are key for our clients’ marketing performance, especially those that are e-commerce. The holiday online frenzy starts with Black Friday shopping and doesn’t usually calm down until about the middle of January.


During the holidays there are a few trends to be aware of and adjust your marketing for:

  • Consumers are more likely to make a purchase
  • Improved conversion rates can likewise aid in increasing marketing performance
  • Consumers are going to shop more for others than themselves
  • The season goes on for months and consumers attitudes and buying tendencies change during that time
  • Consumers use social to help them decide what gifts are popular and what gifts to purchase for others


So, now that we’ve given you the trends, here are our tips to make the most of the 2014 holidays…

  • Up the bids on your online marketing tactics such as paid searches (Google AdWords and Facebook boosting). Consumers are more likely to buy right now, so you want to promote your products and services more often than you have been in order to catch their attention first.
  • Get those conversions up with increased bids and higher quality scores. Take the time to make landing pages the best they can be and pay close attention to keyword quality and impressions.
  • Tweak your content and gear it towards not your customers but the people your customers are shopping for
  • Use social media to keep consumers attention on your products and services throughout the holiday season and make sure your content and social follows a transitional program—consumers attitudes change from pre-holiday, holiday and post-holiday, so make sure the content is geared towards each mindset.
  • Consider using Pinterest for holiday marketing. It\’s another way to share your content and get a wide reach. You can also track your results on Pinterest and see how many of your pins were re-pinned. While you\’re there, you can also check out delicious recipes to bring to the office holiday party.


From the Design Gurus…

Check it before you wreck it. A client’s website and logo design is an instrumental and key part of not only the marketing strategy employed but also of their overall web appearance and reputation. Be sure the design is what the client wants and is done to the best of your ability.


From the CEO…

  1.  This is a great time to give \’thanks\’ to your clients for allowing us to serve them and grow together.
  2.  Now is also a great time and way to touch base wit clients and share news about the year and where we are going to grow together in 2015. 

From the Web Wizards…

  1. Be understanding of your client’s schedule; you may not always get a quick response.
  1. Take time to be with family and friends.


From the Project Manager… (Medici Management Tips)

Do it now, or never. 

  1. Obviously organization is key to any good Project Manager. My desk is overflowing with multi-colored highlighters, enough black pens to make Poe smile, and post-it’s galore. That being said when emails come in and problems arise, it’s best to do it right then and there. Address problem head on, find a person that can help solve it if you can’t, and never ignore it. Because I promise you, it only gets worse with time.

Email Yourself

  1. If you want it done right, do it yourself. Well, don’t we wish we could add a couple hundred more hours in the week? To save on your to-do’s, here is one of the best inside tips I got from an old school PM: always cc yourself. Sure it looks odd and it’s not like your inbox isn’t runneth over already. But when you cc yourself leave it in your inbox as unread, until the task is finished. That way you know you have an open task that needs to be addressed and you can hold yourself, your team, and your client accountable.



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