Digital marketing: The transformation of video marketing in 2019

Digital marketing: The transformation of video marketing in 2019

Predictions on trends in the digital space help all parties stay on their toes. Their purpose is to look back at the previous years and see what aspects of technology and the online world are transforming to become increasingly influential. Though they don’t capture everything (who would have though fidget spinners would hit as they did?), they are still worth keeping in mind as you tailor strategies.

One of the trends that have transformed the digital media landscape is videos. We now take a deep dive into the world of videos and what we can expect in 2019. What’s excellent is whatever the company or brand- the best tax accounting firm in your area or a startup delivering groceries- these insights will prove beneficial.

Videos will continue to take form

Video content began its noticeable rise in 2016 and in 2018 it has, for some businesses, become the top digital marketing tool they used in advertising. As marketers have gotten down the fundamentals such as engaging, excellent quality and fantastic graphics, they are in 2019 taking it a step further. SEO has been king for decades, and it is now in infiltrating video content.

Search engines are noting this steady migration to video and have to update their algorithms to factor in these changes for their users\’ sake. That means this year we will see websites with engaging video beginning to rank higher. It is not about preferential treatment; it is what research shows. Videos get 1,200% more shares than text and links combined.

Though generate more viewership, the rules of SEO still have to come in. Search engines have not gotten to the point to know if you are using keywords in the video. Perhaps one day in the future, but that is not the current focus. Instead of the notorious clickbait titles, marketers will be more mindful of how they present videos to the world.

SEO will now feature more on the video title, description, and URL. YouTube is a little over a decade old and finding content can still be somewhat of a nightmare. If there are 300 hours of content uploaded every minute, it is highly unlikely that what we need isn’t available. For the average user, scrolling to the last page to find what they are looking for is not an option.

The payoff

Therefore, as a marketer, using SEO will move your content from the bottom of the barrel to the first few videos. That way, should someone search “how to be productive” they don’t find a dating video instead. That said do not cheat your viewers by using industry keywords and not offering the content you promised. They have a name for that; it is called ‘clickbait.’

However, once you respect SEO rules and ethics, you will be impressed at how your demographic will expand. It will increase engagement on social media, leads and when you have a call to action, sales. With a sound strategy in place, your business will be on its way to exponential growth.

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