Why Communication Is Key To a Successful Project

On any project with any client, communication is essential to ensuring the project, looks and does what you and the client want it to. A minor miscommunication can result in errors that can derail a campaign or ruin it completely. Below are some reasons why communication is key and some negative repercussions for when miscommunication or no communication at all happens.

Benefits to Communication:

  • A clear understanding of project goals, purpose and budget
  • Positive attitude going into project
  • More efficient creative, proofing and implementing processes
  • Fewer errors and mistakes
  • Decreased hours to account for making edits and running through proof versions
  • Defined roles and responsibilities that enables project group to easily and effortlessly make deadlines on-time

Negative Results of Miscommunication or No Communication:

  • No clear vision of goals, purpose or budget
  • Multiple errors and mistakes
  • Angry, frustrated and overall negative attitude surrounding project
  • Unhappy clients
  • Poor results in performance of project
  • Resulting project is mediocre work or not complete at all
  • Missed deadlines
  • Extra hours need to be spent for fixing errors and editing
  • Lack of clearly defined roles creates confusion and late or dropped assignments

Communication is vital to the success of any project, from SEO to web design, so be sure you have a communication strategy in place before starting any venture, big or small.


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