Why Communication Is Key To a Successful Project

On any project with any client, communication is essential to ensuring a project looks and does what you and the client want it to. A minor miscommunication can result in errors that can derail a campaign or ruin it completely. Below are some reasons why communication is key and some negative repercussions for when miscommunication

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Answers to 4 Common Marketing Questions from Clients

As marketing professionals, we face questions from clients, both little and big on a daily basis. But of all the questions we get asked, the below are the four most frequent.  Question 1: Why do I need a Facebook page? Today, if your business doesn’t have social media, you might as well be obsolete. Facebook

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How Your Positive Attitude Can Change Office Productivity 

Being positive can mean the difference between success and failure. While it may not seem more important than having high quality projects, a positive attitude is incremental to a successful business and client-company relationship. It’s far better to have an employee with a positive attitude and good skills than an employee with great skills and

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5 Tips To Dealing With Difficult Clients

Everyone will have at least one client that is difficult to work with or just downright ungrateful. In any line of work, we all will experience working with such a person or persons, but it’s your job as a marketer to learn to work with your client not against them. Here are six tips for

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When to Use Humor in Your Content

Humor definitely has a time and place in any industry. But many brands are hesitant to try anything because it can easily be done tastelessly. That being said, humor can often help make consumers establish a stronger connection to a product or brand so it is worth a brainstorm at the very least If you’re

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Beginners Guide: Start and Implement an Instagram Account

Instagram is an up and coming social media tool that many brands have already taken advantage of by either having their own account or utilizing other Instagram user’s accounts to help promote their message and products. Some, like Adidas, do both and utilize their own account while also powering their message to more people through

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